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The Healing Health Journey is all about making that decision to start. Everyone is different. Everyone feels symptoms in different places and in different ways. What is common, everyone has the need to listen to their body, to understand the source of pain/symptom and to make the decision to begin their journey back to wellness, no matter what stage you're currently at. As a natural health practitioner in Whitstable, I have clients from all walks of life and am always looking to take on more. I have a variety of treatments available, including Kinesiology, facial acupuncture and cupping massage, Celluma LED light therapy, or any natural therapy in Whitstable.

Take a look at my client reviews below to see how they enjoyed and found their treatments helpful!

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"What I love the most is that Denise packs so much into one treatment. I promise that you won't be disappointed.”



"I went to Denise for a course of facial acupuncture. I was a bit sceptical at first, but the results are amazing! Denise has an incredible bredth of knowledge and tailored my treatment to my needs, advising and sourcing the ideal products for me. She is truly amazing and I can't recoommend her enough!"

Review by, Nicola

“I went to see Denise for cupping to treat neck and back pain and felt the benefit from the first session. It is so effective, it is now my go to treatment. Denise is highly knowledgeable in a huge range of therapies, I would highly recommend her!”

Review by, David

“I had always wanted to try facial acupuncture and Denise's treatment didn't disappoint. The wonderful thing when going to Denise is that you get so much more than you expected. Denise has such a great wealth of knowledge of holistic treatments that you come away with not just a facial but what feels like a full body overhaul. The treatments are subtle but effective and I can really see the difference in my skins texture and youthfulness. I had a lot of pigmentation which was getting worse over the years but I can honestly say that a lot of these patches have gone. What I love the most is that Denise packs so much into one treatment. I promise that you won't be disappointed.”

Review by, Claire

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“I was recommended Denise for soft tissue work on my upper back through my cranial osteopath. New to cupping I found the process a fantastic way to relive tension and clear out any stress or toxins. Denise works intuitively and quickly to find the spots that need the most work and will listen to your body to understand what areas need attention. The therapy never fails to help my aches and pains - I've used it for 'tennis elbow' IT band and general back tension. I'm so pleased to have found Denise and always look forward to my sessions with her.”

Review by, Helen

"I hadn't heard of Kinesiology until Denise mentioned it to me during a Cupping treatment.  She thought it might help me with a recurring backache which osteopathy sessions had not shifted - and it did!  I'm not really sure how to describe the treatment; you'll have to experience it for yourself.  The results are both fascinating and really impressive.  Denise is a lovely therapist – very kind, gentle and reassuring.  I would thoroughly recommend her."

Review by, Emma

“Thank you Denise for the latest session with you. I'm truly amazed how you treated my body, I feel amazing in only a couple of sessions.

I'm truly grateful, thank you and see you soon”

Review by, Grant
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If you're ready, just like these people, to begin your healing health journey, then get in touch today and book a treatment for kinesiology, facial acupuncture, cupping massage, Celluma (LED) light therapy, or any other natural therapy in Whitstable. Fill out my contact form, text or call me on 07903 056 450 or email me at to discuss your needs.

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