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Healing Health Journey is all about helping you heal from the inside out. My name is Denise and, as a natural health practitioner, providing holistic therapy in Whitstable, I welcome people from all walks of life to my practice.

Everyone is at a different stage in their own journey to health. It is a process that requires real attention before progress can be made. Through treatments such as kinesiology, facial acupuncture, Celluma LED light therapy and cupping massage in Whitstable, I can help you learn more about your body and listen to what it is saying to you. What is your body trying to tell you? Let's find it together.



What is your body trying to tell you?


Let's Find the Source of Your Symptoms and Begin Your Healing Health Journey!


Book kinesiology, facial acupuncture, Celluma LED light therapy or cupping massage today and begin your healing health journey right now! For natural health in Whitstable, fill out my contact form, text or call me on 07903 056 450 or email me at to get started!

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About Denise

Denise Norton: BSc (Hons) MAcS CA (Member of the Acupuncture Society) KFRP (Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional) - Fully Insured and licenced with Canterbury district council


I began my studies in 1994 with Beauty therapy, then went onto study Kinesiology in 1995 and continued onto many types of Advanced Kinesiology. In 2010, I studied at the London College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & completed my degree at the University of East London. Over the years I have continued self-development and trained in many other areas such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Once qualified as an Acupuncturist, I was able to continue with my first passion of beauty therapy and study facial acupuncture at The College of Chinese Medicine and then at the prestigious Acuregen Academy. I did so to complement my knowledge of cosmetic enhancement and facial rejuvenation.



Why Choose Me?



As well as my extensive experience as a beautician and in natural health, I myself have been chronically ill in the past. I was misaligned and burnt out. I came through it and I know you can too. We'll do it together.


I have always been deeply passionate about seeing people well, healthy and fulfilled, as we all should be! Thanks to my treatments, I can give you a great head-start in listening to your body and starting you on your journey of self-discovery, in whatever form that may take – kinesiology, facial acupuncture, Celluma LED light therapy or cupping massage, to promote natural health in Whitstable.


I care deeply about our wellbeing/health and I also care deeply about the planet. That's why I only use eco-friendly products, such as Natural Elements skincare, Dew sanitiser and First Breeze eco sheets. No disposable bedroll is used at appointments. Instead, comfy towels are supplied for each client to help with a relaxing environment.













Start The Healing Journey Today


Embrace the start of true wellness by booking your first treatment, whether it's kinesiology, Health Coach 1 to 1's, facial acupuncture, Mesotherapy Microneedling, Celluma LED light therapy and cupping massage today! For natural holistic health in Whitstable, fill out my contact form, text or call me on 07903 056 450 or email me at to start your journey!

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