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At Healing Health Journey, the process of becoming healthy is just that – a process. It's a journey that's different for everyone and everyone has different ways in which they can engage with their bodies and their minds. My treatments will beautify you and see you looking younger and refreshed but the real goal is always to improve emotional wellness. Thankfully, with the help of your natural health practitioner in Whitstable, you'll be on the journey before you know it. My name is Denise and, with 3 decades spent in the health and beauty industry, I can help you get started with a variety of treatments, including kinesiology, cupping, light therapy, facial acupunture, mesotherapy microneedling and holistic Cupping massage therapy in Whitstable.


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Let me guide you on your healing health journey with my holistic treatments in Whitstable. Fill out my contact form and let me know how I can help you today! For any enquiries, give me a call on 07903 056 450 or email me at denise@healinghealthjourney.com.

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Why Choose One of My Treatments?

1  Improve Your Self Awareness

The journey to true health starts from within – you can't heal the outside without first healing what's within! So many of the physical symptoms that we experience can actually be the result of stress.

When we address it, we can really begin the healing journey.

2  Find Emotional Wellness

When we address what's within, we can reach a state of emotional wellness. This allows us to deal with the hardships of life in a way that's both healthy and constructive. Thanks to treatments such as kinesiology, or having your own 1 to 1 health coaching session you'll learn to adapt to change and stress, feeling better as you do so.

3  Look Great, Feel Great!

With Facial Acupuncture and Mesotherapy Microneedling in Whitstable the healing comes with looking radiant! The best bit – reduced stress and a healthier, happier you! You'll feel good inside and glow on the outside – a win-win! Get in touch today to discuss things through and see how I can help you today achieve the results you want.

4  Release muscular tension

With Cupping massage, get in touch with your body and let go of aches, pain and tension, embracing the healthy, happy you that everyone loves!

5  Relaxation

With Celluma-LED light therapy, relax and enjoy the gentle heat and light, to improve cellular health, to reduce the signs of aging, relieve pain, and eliminate acne.