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Holistic healthcare is all about helping people to become their best selves, feel comfortable in their bodies and, above all, enjoy life!


My name is Denise and I provide holistic therapy in Whitstable. I specialise in helping people explore their bodies, discover areas in which they hold discomfort and aid in releasing them. Many symptoms aren't just physical, they're emotional too. Whatever stage of your healing health journey you're on, I can help you identify yours with my bespoke treatments, designed completely around you.

Whatever way that happens for you with the treatments I offer, I can help you look radiant with facial acupuncture or mesotherapy microneedling, release muscle tension with cupping or fascia release, find that sense of wellness and emotional health with kinesiology or you may even want a health coach 1 to 1 session to get you back on track. Or come and join my class in person in Whitstable or on Zoom.


Find Release from Your Symptoms and Embrace Emotional Wellness





Are you not feeling quite yourself or how you would like to be? We'll start with the symptoms and go on a journey together. Fill out the contact form and let me know what you're looking for.

Alternatively, you can email or text me at denise@healinghealthjourney.com or arrange a call, on 07903 056 450, to discuss your needs.

Please note: Contact Hours are between 10am and 5pm

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My Treatments page features a complete breakdown of what each of these involves and how they can benefit you on your health journey. As a natural health practitioner providing holistic therapy in person Whitstable or on Zoom.

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An Eco-Friendly Practice

I'll look after you but I also want to look after the planet! A happy earth makes for happy people and that's what Healing Health Journey is all about. At my practice, I only use eco-friendly and natural products and, instead of bedroll and paper towel, I use reusable towels (always washed and replaced before each session, of course!). Blueair air purifier will be on during treatments to maintain a comfortable and safe environment. All sanitising will be carried out with Dew – the world's kindest cleaning products, which are 99.95% effective.

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Denise, Health Health Journey founder and practitioner

About Denise 

As a natural health practitioner, I began my journey of study in 1994 and am qualified in a wide variety of health and beauty treatments, having developed my skills over the last 30 years. As well as practical experience in holistic therapy in Whitstable, I also have experience on the other side of the aisle, having been chronically ill myself. I know what you're going through and can help you become well once again. I'm now in touch with my body and am always learning and growing in health and emotional wellness. Let me help you do the same!

This isn't just a job for me – it's my life!













Improve Your Wellbeing on Your Healing Health Journey


Make the time to listen to your body and feel what it's telling you. I provide holistic therapy in Whitstable, and I can help you along the way, whatever stage you're at. Text or call me on 07903 056 450 or email me at denise@healinghealthjourney.com for a consultation.

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