5 steps to increase your energy?


Is this you?


“I get out of bed and can't wait to get back in” 


“ I feel tired and sluggish”


“ My mind is foggy”


If this sounds like you then read on because what I'm about to tell you might come as a surprise…


You don't need anyone to tell you what to do….YOU KNOW!


You just need to make some adjustments in your life. 


You are the best person to advise on your body, what it needs, what you say to yourself, how to relax and re-energise and what nourishes you.


Take a look at the 5 questions below and answer honestly:


Are you getting the sleep your body deserves?

Are you constantly saying to yourself “ I'm tired” ? 

Are you taking time out each day to relax, doing something you enjoy?

Are you eating what your body needs? 

Are you hydrated?


Now that you have answered these questions honestly you are one step closer to figuring out what you need. I wish I'd had this insight when I was struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) back in 2010. 


You're about to learn 5 steps that will benefit you


What was one of the questions that jumped out to you most? Start with that, then continue to implement the rest through the next coming days/weeks.


Sleep - Make sleep a priority in your life. It is well documented we need a regular routine at bed time with no distractions, which means no alcohol or caffine after 4pm, avoiding blue light from our phones/ laptops/TV at least an hour before we sleep. This allows the mind to slow down and the body to relax, the mind likes to wander into the past and the future. At bedtime we need to train the mind to only focus on the routine ahead, to lay the foundation so the mind lets go of the day and learns to stay in the here and now. All it has to do is to get into a warm, relaxing bed and go to sleep. Preferably going to bed before 10pm but at least before midnight so that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Make sure your bedroom is as dark as you can make it, black out blinds are excellent or you could use an eye mask. Sleep is an important time for the body and mind to recharge and repair is vital in maintaining mental and physical health. 

Set your alarm to wake up at the same time every morning, don't hit the snooze button, get straight out of bed, get moving and drink a glass or two of water. Start your day with a morning routine so your brain can engage with what's ahead, your body will also thank you.


Self talk - Observe your thoughts, be aware of them. What are you saying to yourself? Are you telling yourself “you are too tired” Did you even know you are actively telling yourself you are tired? Change how you talk to yourself, to a softer tone, a more caring one like you would a friend. Being more compassionate to yourself can help you to see a more balanced view when things are not going right and change how we go forward. Use positive dialogue throughout the day, give encouragement to yourself, again like you would a friend.


Smile, enjoy, relax - Do something that makes you smile every day, something that brings you joy, relaxes you. Especially when you first get out of bed or before going to bed. This could be a shower or bath, making a fuss of your pet, or a morning or evening walk or just taking in the beauty of nature from a window. Ask yourself “ Are doing enough of these to get you through the day or week?” It's so important not to forget how enjoyable the small things are in life and how it feels in our bodies when we smile and enjoy. Smiling releases hormones, giving us that feel good feeling in our body and mind, therefore relaxing our muscels, lowering our heart rate and slowing down our breath into relaxation.


Food - You are what you eat. Start your day with a mix of protein, carbohydrate and fat. This could be in the form of a green smoothie, scrambled eggs on sourdough, avocado toast, banana pancakes with berries and coconut yogurt. By starting the day with a good balanced breakfast it jump starts your metabolism, balances your blood sugar levels, giving us a more balanced energy throughout the day with better memory and concentration.


Hydration - Start your day with a glass of hot water or two, if you prefer, add a squeeze of lemon to rejuvenate your body. This will enable the body to flush out any toxins accumulated in the system through the night and hydrate. Hydration is needed for better concentration, memory and body functions, we are made of 70% of water. Try to aim for at least 1 litre and a half of water per day, this can include herbal teas. Carry around a water flask to make sure you're getting enough. Snacking on any type of melon, including other fruits and vegetables like carrot, cucumber, celery and pepper batons to increase hydration. .


You need to move forward on the above. 


You can do this, just one thing at a time to address to start with.


Once you've started to implement the changes above you will feel more motivated, inspired to help yourself as you start to feel the benifits.


I've been working with people just like you in 1 to 1 situations, helping them change their health for the better using the tools I have learnt over the last decade or so. In a matter of weeks many of my clients have begun to make changes and are feeling the benifits, that they felt were impossible just a few months before and now they have the tools.


I understand that this may feel like climbing a mountain right now…


I would like to offer you a deeper dive into any of the issues you have with tiredness/fatigue and how you can help yourself overcome the situation you are in with my new online course. We will go more into depth than above, and more of a bespoke protocol for you as an indervidual. 


Are you ready to:


Say Goodbye Fatigue, Hello Vitality

Understand yourself and your needs

To have the health and wellbeing you deserve

See how you could start to live your best possible life


If so, then I would love you to join me in my new and upcoming programme. If you seriously want to achieve a better you by “Finding Vitality in Fatigue” then drop me an email or text and I will get back to you.


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Let me steer you in the right direction to find Vitality In Your Journey Through Fatigue!