Kinesiology in Whitstable


Kinesiology is a bespoke therapy, using many different forms of Holistic healthcare, to provide a route to health and wellness for each unique client, in whatever form that may be.



How Does it Work?

It is, essentially, a manual test on a muscle or muscles, carried out by your holistic health practitioner in Whitstable, lying down, fully-clothed. The body has its own innate wisdom and knows exactly what is needed to be in balance. This can be accessed via a muscle, or many muscles, to determine energy imbalances within the body.

What Does Kinesiology Do?

Kinesiology allows us to test for imbalances in the Structural/Physical, Chemical/Nutritional or Mental/Emotional aspects of a person, tapping into the subconscious brain so you can get biofeedback on the imbalance found. With a mixture of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western techniques, a unique session is enabled for each individual. A variety of techniques are used to help the body come back into balance, restoring energy flow. Some of the techniques used to correct imbalances could be Acupressure/acupuncture points, Neurovascular points, Lymphatic points, Emotional release using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), meridian running, nutrition, food testing, movement/exercises, lifestyle changes and more.


Who Needs Kinesiology?


Everyone! No-one's body is perfectly balanced all of the time. A kinesiology treatment can help realign the energies of everyone, no matter what the symptom.

Also using kinesiology, I am able to help with the following protocols that you may be working with:


  • Optimum Health Clinic - CFS
  • Dr Sarah Myhill - CFS
  • Dr Izabella Wentz - Thyroid issues
  • Medical Medium
  • Blood Group Diet


  • Ketogenic Diet
  • Paleo Diet
  • Iron Deficiency Support
  • Chinese Medicine (using acupuncture, cupping and foods)
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)


Rates and Details

Session Length:

Up to 60mins

(For the first appointment allow up to 90mins to take a case history).


£60 per treatment

For the best effects, treatments usually take place 3 to 4 weeks apart.

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Supportive Acupuncture Treatments

For clients needing more support in between their Kinesiology appointment, I offer Supportive Acupuncture treatments. In this 45min appointment, I will use acupuncture needles, in the appropriate places for your current issues. You are very welcome to talk/discuss what you are currently being treated for with Kinesiology or use the time for peace and meditation within a safe relaxing space, making time for you.

£45 per treatment


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Muscle Testing?

A manual test to a muscle or multiple muscles whilst lying down, fully-clothed.

How can Babies and Children Benefit from Kinesiology?

No words are needed – the body has its own innate wisdom. Children are very in-tune with their bodies and by muscle testing (via their carer) and correcting what is found, they can enjoy being back in balance.

What is Kinesiology Used For?

As a diagnostic tool for energy imbalances in the body.

What Can Kinesiology Do for Me?

Treat your imbalances in a Structural/Physical, Chemical/Nutritional and Mental/Emotional aspect, give you information on why you’re out of balance and give you awareness and tools of how you can come back into balance.

What Are the Benefits of Kinesiology?

It will give you knowledge of what your body needs. In today's hectic world, we forget ourselves and live on the outside – until something on the inside shouts, such as limiting beliefs, pain, anxiety, tiredness, headaches, digestive issues etc.

What Health Conditions Can You Treat with Kinesiology?

Everything! I don’t like to limit imbalances to certain symptoms. All physical illness or an emotional issue will have an energy imbalance that can be treated to restore balance within the body. I will also give you self-help tools for use at home on a daily basis or as and when you need support.