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Spring into Spring with Fire Cupping!


Why I love Fire Cupping.

What is fire cupping? Why should you try it? What are the benefits?


I started using Cupping in 2010. It is traditionally with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is where I first learnt about it whilst doing a Chinese acupuncture degree in London. I loved it from the first time I used it on others and I started to have treatments myself. Cupping is used in many places around the world; China, Egypt, Middle East, India, Greece and parts of Africa. There are references dating back as far as 28 AD in a book called Zouhou Fang, so quite old and well documented.


The technique used involves creating a vacuum inside a round glass cup. This is done by placing a naked flame in the cup and quickly placing it on to the skin. It is very important that it is done by a professional who has been trained to do so. Many cups can be used and in various forms, static cups-keeping a cup in place for a specific time, sliding cupping-moving the cups gently along the skin giving the same results as a deep tissue massage, flash cupping-putting on and taking off the cups quickly. I like all the different methods and use them for different reasons. Here's a few here below but this is only a small into what cups can do.


You know after a cold or flu when you get an annoying cough and you know you have excess mucus and phlegm on your chest but are unable to shift it, well sliding cupping is brilliant for that, it releases the mucus and phlem from the lungs and is very effective for respiratory maintenance and relief. It feels like you can breathe again afterwards which is a bonus after being so restricted with cold symptoms. This type of cupping does not leave marks, it may show redness to start but will disperse through the day.


There is nothing worse when you're in pain with muscular ache, cupping relieves muscular pain in the shoulder, back, legs etc basically anywhere there is pain actually. This time I would use the cups in the area of the pain to start with and see what shows up. I would be looking for red/purple , this tells me exactly where the problem is so I will then move the cups to cover more of the area showing. This type of cupping will mark and could last up to 2 weeks, the marks are not anything to worry about it is just the breaking of small blood vessels and looks like a bruise but isn't painful to touch. In TCM we call this stagnation, the idea of the cups is to remove the stagnation by pulling up the skin. This happens when we xygen t draws up the causing a suction and the skin can be seen lifted. This increases the blood flow, fluid circulation, relaxes the fascia which in turn reduces inflammation, swelling and can result in pain relief immediately depending on the problem.


Ever suffered from a migraine or a headache that starts from tight stressed shoulders, moves up the neck then over the head and bang, that's all you can feel is pain! With regular cupping to keep the upper back, shoulders and neck free from congestion you will enjoy life without the interruption these headaches bring. With this type of problem I may put static cups on certain acupuncture points which will be noted during the consultation as well as doing slide cupping to aid relaxation which give the same , cleanse the lymph and bring blood flow to tight restricted muscles, whilst giving a boost to the immune system.


Cupping massage therapy has so much more to offer and can help alleviate conditions such as digestion, bloating, constipation, general stress/relaxation, fatigue/ tiredness, wrist and forearm pain, knee pain, lower back strain, restricted range of motion in shoulder or hips, allergies and depression, anxiety and panic attacks.


Fire cupping is especially effective in the spring as we make the transition from winter. We spring clean our homes, we need to spring clean our bodies. In TCM spring is associated with the liver and tendons and is to do with cleansing, renewing and energising. The liver is responsible for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, detoxification and producing heat in the body. By receiving cupping treatments we are able to help the liver through the transition of letting go of any extra winter accumulation of fat. As the cups lift up the skin, detoxification takes place as the blood flows through tight constricted muscles, tendons and fascia. Allowing the lymph to remove and cleanse which will improve circulation and detoxification throughout the whole body which will naturally release unwanted heat or increase heat to cold extremities. Therefore giving the immune system an extra boost to help prevent seasonal colds and flu.


There are certain conditions that cupping is not suitable for and has contraindications: Clients taking blood thinning medication, pregnancy, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and fever/feeling unwell.


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